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'Umbrellas' concern over trustee guide 'Umbrellas' concern over trustee guide

Date added: 05/03/2015
Downloads: 1123

A Shared Faith in the Power of the Sector A Shared Faith in the Power of the Sector

Date added: 28/07/2015
Downloads: 990

A Shared Faith in the Power of the Sector 

Some of us still cleave to two articles of faith about voluntary action: that voluntary organisations play a transformative role in society that goes far beyond delivering public services; and that the sector has an almost limitless ability to reinvent itself in response to changes in the environment.

A Statement of Hope A Statement of Hope

Date added: 09/08/2016
Downloads: 731

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Faith and Society has released a 'Statement of Hope' as a way of unifying communities during this period of uncertainty and discontent across the country. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Faith and Society was formed to support and promote the work of faith organisations in the United Kingdom.

Adapt or die Adapt or die

Date added: 23/02/2016
Downloads: 814

Winter is coming. Donation levels are flat. Public trust is fraying.  Contract income is shrinking.  Even the National Lottery is no longer safe.  The third sector faces a difficult rest-of-decade.

   To make matters worse, local government spending will shrink faster than any other time since 1945, with results unknown.  These are dark days. This time round, there is no talk of a big society to sweeten the pain.  Nor, thanks to Kids Company, are charity leaders being garlanded as the saviours of society. We are out in the cold. No cheque in the post.

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