Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures in this section are generic and are available for you to download for your own use.

They are in word format to make it easier for you to edit, as necessary.

Must Haves

Code of Conduct 

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Equality Policy

Grievance Policy and Procedure

Harrassment and Bullying Policy and Procedure

Risk Assessment form

Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

Good Practice

Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy and Procedure  Currently being updated

Safeguarding Adults (link to Cambridgeshire County Council's relevant policies)

Data Protection Policy

Induction Policy

Lone Worker Policy and Procedure

Recruitment Policy


Additional resources

*   Recruiting safely and fairly - guidance document regarding the recruitment of ex-offenders

*   This guide outlines the essential decisions and actions that employers of all sizes must and should make when deciding to conduct an investigation. It also provides important information divided into manageable steps for anyone who has been appointed to conduct disciplinary or grievance investigations.


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