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Hunts Forum is working with Huntingdonshire District Council to set up a network of Recognised Organisations to support local communities through the Covid-19 crisis.

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What is a Recognised Organisation?

A Recognised Organisation is a volunteer-involved organisation which has a governing structure (CIO, CIC, Charity, Timebank, Association) that was in place before the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. This means that they already have good practice policies and procedures in place that will safeguard those both supporting and being supported by the group. They also can support more volunteers within their organisations and have the resources to support those mutual aid groups surrounding them.

What does a Recognised Organisation do?

A Recognised Organisation will cover a community – this could be an estate, village, town or a few roads within Huntingdonshire. Huntingdonshire DC has broken the district up into clusters and we aim to identify at least one Recognised Organisation in each cluster depending on size.

All Recognised Organisations will have the capacity to take enquiries and referrals from the district council and then cascade them down to suitable volunteers to carry out that request. They will also integrate the right policies and procedures into the community so that people are safeguarded.

They may also be the organisation that support (their choice) with financial support through choosing a suitable process for shopping transactions. This would be decided by the organisation themselves and be dependent on the type and size of the organisation they are. We however strongly suggest having an agreed system put into place, which can be discussed with our staff and supported through our framework.

Why we need a Recognised Organisation

As this epidemic develops those Mutual Aid groups which were set up in good faith may start to lose momentum or run into difficulties. Therefore we need a support structure in place that will support them and keep our communities safe. Your role will be supporting your communities with the elements of structure that keep volunteers and those who are being supported safe, along with carrying on the wonderful work you are already doing.

What support will Recognised Organisations receive?

As a Recognised Organisation, you will receive support from Hunts Forum around your policies and procedures, how to keep your volunteers safe and new ways of working in this current climate. The team are pulling together a framework of support material via our coronavirus portal so that you can continue to support the communities you cover in several ways. If there’s anything you need that you can’t find, feel free to contact us here.

Who will you be helping as a Recognised Organisation?

A Recognised Organisation will be supporting those either self-isolating or over 70 in the ‘at risk’ category. You will NOT be supporting those which have been identified as the most at need; the NHS Volunteers have that one covered. However, if there are connections already made these, of course, can be maintained.

What do you get out of this?

If your organisation is continuing its work it makes sense to link up with others. You’ll receive continual support from Hunts Forum. You will need to keep us informed about what you’re finding hard at a grassroots level; we will support and influence where we can, to make sure you’re still able to do the work you need to do. You will also be able to use our quality assured mark and get more public presence in your community. We also hope after this has passed, that more people will continue to volunteer in the community.

How to use the Quality Mark

Hunts Forum has created this quality mark to identify groups and organisations which have the necessary policies, procedures and capacity to be a recognised organisation, and who will take the referrals and support those mutual aid groups. Please use this mark on all your communications with the public and other organisations.


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