We are all part of our communities, let’s build back together

Is your business looking to work with charities and community groups to support reconnecting and rebuilding our communities as we emerge from the isolation of Covid-19?

Do you recognise the benefits to all through mutually beneficial and meaningful partnerships?

If you would like to work with a charity around shared values, concerns and ideas in Huntingdonshire, Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations would like to hear from you. There’s no commitment and no ask from us, except a willingness to be open to learning about charitable and community organisations looking to do the same.

If Covid has taught us anything it is that we are at our best when working together and looking after each other. A great example was all those wonderful businesses that responded last October to feed hungry children over half-term when Marcus Rashford was campaigning to persuade the government to extend free school meals into school holidays.


Benefits of working with a charity

Businesses experience a multitude of benefits when they donate charities, they gain even more when they build relational and meaningful partnerships.

There are a few reasons why your business should consider working with a charity.

Charitable giving is good PR, and it makes sense for business, especially for small businesses that depend on their communities for custom, goodwill and recommendations. People want to support small and medium-sized businesses now more than ever. Working with a charity demonstrates that you give back to your community and are in business for more than profit. As an SME, you won’t see as large a tax deduction as big corporations and enterprises do, but don’t overlook the other benefits of philanthropy.

Charitable giving is also a way to build alliances with other organisations and network with individuals who are potential partners. Donating to a local organisation can be the start of a long-lasting relationship than benefits the business, the charity and the community.

Not all giving has to be financial, many companies have much to offer in terms of their knowledge, experience and skills that can make an enormous difference especially to small charities that otherwise might not be in a position to afford to access such valuable resources.

Company culture is important to future and current staff, and your workers will feel good about working for a company that gives back. Younger staff, in particular, value working for a company that is positively involved in its community. A company involved in its community sees improved team morale, customers are more likely to feel good about supporting the company and perhaps be prepared to commit their loyalty without the cost and fuss of a loyalty card scheme.

To make the most out of your donations and partnership, first of all, pick the right organisation to partner with. Charities and businesses that have an alignment or shared value tend to create the most impactful and productive partners. Consider your own values. What is important to you? What is important to your staff? What would you like any partnership to achieve for the community, the charity and for your business?

For a small business that’s tied to the community, it often makes sense to pick a local group. Yes, a national charity is an option, but will all your efforts be overshadowed by the big-players? Probably. Will your contribution make as much of a difference? Probably not. Working with a local charity or community group not only raises your profile with your most effective customer base, it makes more of a difference to the local community and the local charity. Working with a local charity helps your support have greater and more noticeable impact to local communities.

Hunts Forum is keen to help bring businesses and charities together so that they can get to know each other, explore their shared values and ways of working and find a mutually beneficial way of working together. We know the charity and community sector, let us know about you.


Author: Keith Johnson, Development Officer Keith@huntsforum.org.uk

If you would like to work with a charity or are a voluntary group looking to work with a business, get in contact with Keith. Hunts Forum has some exciting new training and networking opportunities happening in Autumn 2021.