In the Loop: Summer 2021

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Summer 2021

Welcome to the Summer 2021 edition of our In the Loop members’ newsletter, where we focus on the work of new members who are joining us at Hunts Forum. Please take a while to learn about these organisations as they introduce themselves. Each one is a possible partner, collaborator and inspiration.

The monthly News Forum now includes the latest news from members. We are always happy to include news linked to stories and information at any time from members in this publication. These are published on the third Thursday of the month. If you have something for In the Loop or News Forum, please get in touch.

In this issue of In the Loop we hear from two organisations with great aspirations for their communities and both in the process of setting up something new.

Brampton Job Club

BJC logoWe are a group of like-minded volunteers whose aim is to help, support and guide people living in Brampton village, who are currently unemployed and are actively seeking and wanting to get into full- or part-time meaningful employment.

The key objective of the Job Club is to support people in a positive friendly manner in overcoming the many challenges associated with seeking a job and guide them towards focusing on achieving a successful long-term employment outcome.

Brampton Job Club volunteers

The Brampton Job Club Volunteers: (back row from left) Brian and John,
(front row) Claire, Lee and James

The range of support on offer includes identifying the key skills of the individual and how best they can be targeted in the job market.

Guidance and support based on those individual needs-led approach will include: Job Search pathways, CV format, cover letter writing, interview techniques (face to face or virtual on-line) and handling interview questions.

Furthermore, if required, the Brampton Job Club is able to access and call on professional expert advice and individual training opportunities through its strong links with Huntingdon District Council.

The Brampton Job Club has up to six volunteers, living in the village, who care about their community and are keen to give back some of their life-long wealth of working experience in order to support and help others to gain employment. This pool of experience covers a wide sector of industries, organisations and capabilities, which enables us to offer proven skills and techniques in guiding Brampton people seeking job opportunities.

That work-life experience is further enhanced by virtue of the fact volunteers have undergone relevant professional training provided by HDC. Additionally, all volunteers have DBS certificates with the service provision being strictly confidential for all individuals involved.

BJC is very much a client-led organisation with the focus on the wants and needs of the participating individual actively seeking employment.

Regular client meetings will be organised with a maximum of two participating BJC volunteers to discuss and track the progress being made towards successful employment. All conversations are confidential and therefore we encourage and welcome open and honest discussions that will help us and the job seeker achieve meaningful employment.

The services of the Brampton Job Club have now started. It is a free of charge organisation and we warmly welcome anyone living in Brampton who is currently seeking employment to contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Please call John on 07746 965171

The Big Stilton Cheese CIC

Big Cheese logoMy name is Tianda Woolner and I was born in Stilton in 1960. At that time the village had a thriving high street with butchers, greengrocers, bakers, farmers, haberdashery and four popular pubs. All but the pubs have gone and so is, somewhat, a reason to get out into our neighbourhoods. I believe change is on the way and we need to take full advantage of it.

We are The Big Stilton Cheese CIC, a newly formed group of people who want something more for everyone who lives in our local area. We hope to re-open The Stilton Cheese Inn, a former pub and restaurant in our village, as a community café, kitchen, retail and workspace. We will also offer meeting rooms and a play area and garden for the benefit of our community.

We have four members of our team to drive this forward but hope to tap into a wealth of support from individuals and small companies who will help us develop the site and make use of the facilities when it is up and running.

Fundraising… The Big Chop for The Big Cheese

Our main aim is to enable and encourage our residents to meet up with friends and family, and to make new friends and form support networks. The work will build upon the wonderful response we had for volunteers to help our less able and isolated residents when the call went out at the beginning of the pandemic. These new friendships have blossomed, and we need, more than ever, a central building to meet in to make sure everyone feels welcomed, included and valued.

As part of our venture, there will be room for dozens of skilled artists, makers, bakers and crafters to showcase their wares with us, most of which we were not aware of before 2020. Our food and drink and gifts will be made by local people, and our retail spaces will be occupied by local businesses.

Of course, there is so much work to be done, as those of you who have been successful and opened your own social enterprises know. The landlord of the pub, Tavern Propco, is willing to allow this change of use, but local authority planning is a minefield, and we will need a lot of help there. The building is grade II listed but alongside the extra pressure this puts on us it is a compelling reason for us to look after this landmark on our main street and get it back into use.

I was lucky indeed this year. I was introduced to Hunts Forum and accepted on an Allia Impact Accelerator course. I also joined The Plunkett Foundation, an incredibly friendly bunch. Then our team was offered a course through the Social Echo, supported by The Big Issue Foundation to help complete our business plan and website. We have also been busy fundraising – the most recent was a sponsored haircut that my granddaughter and I braved. The event was well supported, and we raised almost £1,500 towards our initial costs.

We hope that we will be successful in the near future and be able to welcome you all to The Big Stilton Cheese soon.

Tianda Woolner
07758 368255