Choosing the policies

The scope and complexity of policies will vary according to the size and circumstances of your organisation. A small community group would not be expected to have the depth to their policies that large organisations would be expected to have. Hunts Forum can help you ensure that the policies and procedures are relevant and appropriate to your organisation.

Many funding bodies are now requesting evidence of certain policies as part of their application process. This often includes equal opportunities, diversity and safeguarding (for both children and/or vulnerable adults), health and safety policies.

You must have a health and safety policy if you employ five or more people and anti-discrimination and harassment policies. The following areas are some of those that would benefit from written policies:

  • board responsibilities conduct at board meetings, the composition of the board and committees and the selection of new trustees, role profiles, confidentiality, speaking to the media, conflict of interest
  • finance (internal financial procedures including money laundering under the Proceeds of Crime Act), investments and reserves
  • code of conduct — your organisational rules covering what is acceptable and unacceptable
  • whistle-blowing and disclosure
  • data protection
  • equal opportunities and diversity
  • health and safety
  • child protection
  • safeguarding vulnerable adults, and
  • risk management.

You can download our useful checklist to work out which policies and procedures you have, whether they are adequate and if there are others you need to develop. Note you shouldn’t adopt all the policies listed on the document and some specific policies you might need may not be listed.

Hunts Forum members have access to our library of policy templates and will receive training and one-to-one support to develop their own set of policies. Visit our membership page or contact us if you need some more advice.