No Labels: Exploring the Benefits of Inclusive Volunteering

This year’s annual Connecting Communities conference will take place on 24 June at the Corn Exchange in St Ives, where we will be exploring the topic of inclusive volunteering. How can the voluntary and community sector can reach out and engage a wider and more diverse range of volunteers? How this can benefit our organisations, the sector and our communities?

We’d like to see equality of opportunity for all people to volunteer in ways that are right for them, with the support and encouragement that each person needs to make volunteering possible. To help make this possible, we’d like to to invite people from the voluntary sector to share their knowledge and experience.

We’ll be taking bookings for attendees soon, but in the meantime we’d love to hear from people who would be willing and happy to share their knowledge, experiences and solutions with others. Do you have experience working with volunteers often excluded from volunteering and from people who may have experienced exclusion or difficulty in volunteering? If so, please get in touch with Keith at or call 07809 214895.