Our Trisha Retires

With deep regret, we are announcing the retirement of our beloved Maple Centre Manager, Trisha Napier. Since joining Hunts Forum, Trisha has been a valuable and well-respected member of our team. Many of you would have come into contact with that chirpy hello and smile that Trisha greets everyone with. The work and contribution, including the extended hours of dedication, is much apricated by all staff, trustees, and all those who have come in contact with her over the past 10 years.

Julie Farrow, CEO at Hunts Forum, said: ‘This feels like the end of an era – Trisha has been the face and heart of Hunts Forum and the Maple Centre for so long. Over the years Trisha has made a huge contribution to our work, her welcoming smile, her eagerness to please and do a great job, her support for the team and the hours of laughter we’ve shared will be sadly missed. The team and I wish her health, happiness and fun in her well-earned retirement.’

Patrick Kadewere, Chair of Trustees, said: ‘On behalf of the Board of Trustees and all our members we hope that you enjoy every minute of your retirement just as we have enjoyed every minute of working with you. It’s sad to see you go, but we’re happy that you’ve reached this special milestone. Best wishes!”

We all will miss her face around Maple Centre and the support she offers everyone, but we wish her the best for her new retirement chapter. Trisha’s last day will be Friday 27th August.

We are aware many of you will want to share your thanks, stories and pictures with us, and so we have a book of thanks ready to print your contributions, or should you wish to add them yourself, please let us know. The book will be kept at the Maple Centre in the Development Office; if you would like to add something, please contact kathryn@huntsforum.org.uk

We will be collecting monies contributions, and if you would like to take part, then please visit the Collection Pot website and don’t forget to leave Trisha a message. Please share this link with any colleagues and friends you think may wish to contribute.

We can’t let this momentous occasion slip by without a celebration. Friends, members, colleagues new and old are welcome to drink tea, eat cake and say adieu on 31st August 2021 at Hinchingbrooke Countryside Centre, Huntingdon, between 1 pm and 4 pm. For more details and to book a space contact kathryn@huntsforum.org.uk