Trustees’ Week 2021- Our Trustees and why they volunteer

As part of National Trustees’ Week, we wanted to introduce and celebrate our trustee board.

For those unsure what a Trustee Board is, it’s the group of individuals who make decisions on the direction and finances of the organisation. Unlike the CEO, who makes operational decisions, the board drives the focus of the organisation.

They can sometimes also be called committees, management groups or trustee boards. Intrinsically they are all the same and have the overall responsibility of the organisation and must manage themselves within Charity Law.

These individuals are also volunteers taking this responsibility on and leading that organisation through their good hearts and determination to support. For this reason, here at Hunts Forum, we think it worth celebrating and thanking all those who take on this responsibility within their community.

We asked a few of our Trustees where else they volunteer on a board along with why they do it and what they enjoy about it.


Noel Kearns (Vice-Chair)

“Why am I a Trustee? I am a Trustee because I’ve always involved myself in vocational and charitable activities from when I was a teenager (a long time ago!); it has to be down to an innate sense that society works better when we involve ourselves in serving others, to the betterment of all, especially those who are more in need of support.

“What do I enjoy about being a Trustee?  This is something I learned along my journey, and it sustains me; I learned that the more you give to others, the more rewarding is the outcome in return. [‘For it is in giving that we receive’ St Francis of Assisi]

After volunteering for many years, I have acted as a Trustee in a range of organisations for the best part of 25 years; currently, in addition to Hunts Forum I am a Trustee for the Lisa Kent Trust, which built and runs 3 schools in deprived areas in the Gambia.”


Hayley Williams 

“Why am I a Trustee? I wanted to make a difference more widely, and use my skillset to make a deeper impact within my local community.

What do I enjoy? It’s such a special role – my eyes have been opened to new experiences both personally and professionally and I get to interact with a group of such positive, like minded people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”


Riva Elliot

“Being a Trustee…I’ve never been a trustee of anything in my entire working life… then, like busses, three come along at once. 

I first became a trustee of HemingfordHub, when we became a charity in 2020.

Then I volunteered, also in 2020, to be Hemingford Grey’s Parish Council representative on an ancient village charity which supports the poor and called the Langley Trust. It didn’t seem too onerous as they only meet twice a year… but this isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the work they do.

Finally, I was invited very soon after this to become a trustee of Hunts Forum. I was extremely flattered, as the Forum is an organisation I truly admire, with objectives that match my own for our community.

All-in-all it’s fascinating to see how the voluntary sector works away to bring help to those who don’t have a voice in society. And that’s what I enjoy about doing it.”

If you have read this and think you would like to volunteer some of your time as a Trustee, then get in contact with a charity you are interested in supporting, alternatively come and have a chat with us.