Helping Refugees in Huntingdonshire

Two call outs to help refugees in Huntingdonshire

A call out to all groups helping refugees and asylum seekers in Huntingdonshire

Across Huntingdonshire, community groups and charities are supporting Ukrainian, Afghan and many other refugees. There has been an amazing response from our communities to support people in need, with many great initiatives happening. Most of this is being carried out in isolation, but we are increasingly hearing from these groups that they need help and support, that they would benefit from knowing other groups who are doing similar work and like an opportunity to network with and get to know others.

Hunts Forum would like to hear from any groups that are supporting refugees, whether that is specifically Ukrainian refugees or all refugees, so that we can collate and share the information to interested groups and individuals. We will also look at ways to help develop a network to link and connect groups to encourage co-operation and joint working and mutual support.

For further information and to join this network, please email


Would you like to help refugees settle into their new lives in Huntingdon?

The Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign ( ) is looking for volunteers to:

– befriend Afghan refugee families to help them become part of our Huntingdon community

– participate in an informal English conversational group for refugee Afghan and Ukrainian women

To find out more about the difference you can make, please contact Kay Powell